What is Portals?

Portals operates on top of interconnected network of independent peoples’ computers – decentralized VPN, or dVPN for short. These computers serve as gates (or portals) into the Internet. Such decentralized network doesn’t have a central middleman, so you’re not required to trust your location, browsing history and security with any single entity or company.

Next generation dVPN

No middleman

Existing VPN providers (we call them Legacy VPN) ask you to trust them: they promise not to track your browsing history, not to keep logs or give such revealing data to government or 3rd parties. Yet, numerous instances showed, that when it comes down to VPN provider survival, those logs strangely appear “out of nowhere” into the wrong hands.

Portals Network is decentralized in nature, therefore there’s no single middleman, who would see how data flows. Portals app utilises this underlying network, yet this is as far as it goes – all the interactions in this network are anonymous and out of Portals Network control. We can loosely compare this model with BitTorrent technology – where after you download BitTorrent client and start using BitTorrent network to download files from other users, BitTorrent client provider is out of scope of such interactions.

Focus on true anonymity

As portals are being operated by people (for instance on their computers), the number of available portals is growing constantly (and we hope this growth to be exponential in the future). Due to their scattered nature it would be very (very) hard technologically and logistically to monitor each or even substantial amount of portals.

From the other end, the portal you are connecting to is mostly random on each connection (and in the future this will happen dynamically on-the-fly). This makes you like a rabbit popping out of different holes, AND very hard to trace.

Lastly, you may want to use anonymous email and pay with crypto, if you still feel paranoid (I know we do).

Stay anonymous, stay safe.

5 ways Portals can help you

1. Hide your IP and location

Use Portals to hide your IP address and location. Even we don’t know it!

2. Browse anonymously

Stop snooping by governments, network administrators, your ISP and even VPN providers. Decentralized Portals dVPN technology is designed for true anonymity.

3. Encrypt your communications

Portals protects your data by using state of the art Wireguard protocol with military grade AES-256 encryption.

4. Unblock censored websites and content

Easily unblock sites and services like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Forget the times you were being blocked by your office or school network, or being told that content is not available in your country.

5. Avoid price changes

Ever noticed that in some airlines websites, when you search for the flights, the prices increase next time you come back to the site? We noticed this too. Change your location and avoid getting tricked.

Upcoming advanced features in next versions


Kill-switch will automatically stop traffic if your connection is interrupted.


Connection will flow through multiple portals before reaching final destination.

App-optimized portals

Different apps will use different app-optimized portals, selectively focusing on speed or security.

On-the-fly location-shifting

Switch portals on-the-fly randomly to leave no traces.

Traffic splitting

Traffic will come and go through multiple portals in parallel. No single point of trace even for single request.

Access TOR network without a trace

Browse the dark web without being recognized as TOR user.

Live chat support

Chat to a real human to help you with setup and troubleshooting.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Portals, we’ll refund your payment.

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